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Get the fur out with the Bailey Brush!

Get Crafty with Cat Fur and Make Something


Get Crafty with Cat Fur and Make Something

The Furball Challenge is a HUGE hit every year. Each year during the month of May (shedding season), cat owners brush for 30 days to get the fur out and reduce the harmful hairballs in their cats. After 30 days they end up with a giant furball!

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This year we challenged cat owners to Make Something with their cat hair. Here's some of the amazing things that were made entirely with cat fur from the Bailey Brush Furball Challenge:

A mini cat.

A cat and mouse and snake! It's an assortment of cat toys!

A cute cat and a flowered headband!

This looks like Mickey Mouse ears but with furballs! Brilliant!

How amazing are these furry slippers from last years challenge?

You can pretty much make almost anything with the fur you get from cats. Some cat owners are even able to use a technique called 'felting'. It's where you use a felting needle to turn the cat fur into a malleable felt material.

If you are feeling extra crafty you can also spin that fur into cat yarn and knit a sweater. Perhaps that will be something that happens next year in the furball challenge? Only time will tell!

Have you seen or made anything with the cat fur you get out of your cat? Let us know in the comments below!


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