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Our Story

 Bailey The Cat Story Image

It all started with a cat.

At an early age, Bailey the cat was diagnosed with a condition called Feline Diabetes. It led to pancreatitis and other illnesses that made it difficult for him to groom. Metal brushes irritated his skin and rubber gloves pulled at his coat. This caused him stress and pain. He was having a tough time, a life of struggles for him and his mamma, and yet he was still so sweet and brought joy to everyone around him.

Many cats are lucky enough to enjoy being brushed, but for sensitive cats like Bailey, brush time was impossible. We wanted to bring him the comfort and care that he deserved.

We tried everything! Nothing out there did the trick for Bailey, so in 2020 we launched our little teeny Canadian business and called it the Bailey Cat Company and went to work!

After months of designing and testing we created our first product, the Bailey Brush. It was perfectly designed to protect cats from dangerous hairballs while being wonderfully gentle on their skin. Bailey tested it out and LOVED IT! After receiving our Canadian patent we proudly launched the Bailey Brush across Canada in 2021 for everyone else to enjoy.

Bailey's Brush is being loved by thousands of pets and their parents all over the world!

Spreading kindness, care, and comfort to all cats and cat lovers around the world is our best way of remembering Bailey.

As we continue to grow, these values remain vital to what we're all about. We're doing it for all pet lovers that love their pets as much as we love Bailey.

Thank you Bailey.