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Get the fur out with the Bailey Brush!

The best
cat brush.

Help your cat grow a healthier coat while protecting them from dangerous hairballs. Reduce shedding with a brush that feels like a dream – it's why every pet wants a bailey brush. Get the fur out!

The essential pet brush

The Bailey Brush's patented design is so effective that other brands immitate it but never measure up. Its flexible long bristles are perfect for all fur lengths – you'll wonder how you ever groomed without it.

Designed to work

No matter how you flip it, both sides are designed to be comfortable all while protecting your furry feline from pesky furballs.
And best of all its unique properties attracts more cat hair to your brush so there's less on your carpet. Now that's an attractive brush!

Pawsitively ergonomic

Designed to fit your hand and weighing only 85g you can keep brushing until your kitty tells you to stop. So basically never.

Beautiful but tough

Made from solid high-quality flexible silicone so it feels great and holds up to daily brushings.

Brush of choice by thousands of pet owners, veterinarians and professional groomers.

Absolutely loving my Bailey Brush! I have never had so little shedding on both of my kitties. It took off more hair than any other brush has before, and is super soft and comfy to brush them with! They love it!


Cat mama

As a groomer and fur mama to 5, I’ve tried a lot of brushes and this definitely has to be one of, if not the best! The cats loved it they were purring the whole time and it’s totally a hair magnet! Plus they were sooo soft after. Thank you Bailey Brush! Also as a bonus we love the colours.

Shelby F.

Professional Groomer

My daughter bought one for her two kitties.. so, I thought I would try it. At first, my girls just wanted to rub their teeth on it and had no interest in having it touch them, after some time, they love it! One of our girls actually will paw at it when she wants to be brushed.

Shauna T.

Cat Mama

Roman doesn’t mind being brushed with his new Bailey brush ! I really do think it feels more like a mini massage! Removes loose fluff! Easy to clean!

Pamela Harris


My cat Amber doesn't like being brushed. I tried several brushes on the market, to no avail.  When I received the brush I was extremely pleased with the ergonomic design. but the biggest test was Amber. To my surprise, she loved it and treated the experience as if she were in a "spa". The brush really does get the fur out and is easy to clean. I highly recommend this brush.

Kyshia Hamilton

Cat Mama

Love the Bailey Brush! It really gets the fur out! It is so amazing that Ted will actually lay down and let me brush him for the longest time. Now he wants to be brushed everyday. I would highly recommend this brush to every kitty.

Kelly & Mark

Cat Fam

The Bailey Brush Cat Brush

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The Bailey Brush is trusted by over 150 brands


The brush you use really matters.

Your pets have sensitive skin. Not all brushes consider it.
  • Misting brushes get moldy.
  • Steam brushes cause matting.
  • Metal combs damage skin.
  • Metal rakes chop hair.
Pets need a safe brush that really gets the fur out, that's where we come in. With two North American patents we're a trusted Canadian brand – it's why pet lovers choose Bailey Brush.