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Shedding Cats Create Giant Furballs in this years Furball Challenge 2024


Fur Loaf with his giant furball from the furball challenge

The 2024 Furball Challenge results are in! We had so many cats deshedding a lot to compete this year. The viral furball challenge ended up #trending globally with all kinds of furry cats collecting big balls of fur from all over the planet!

The only requirement to level the playing field was to use the bailey brush deshedding brush to get the fur out in all the cats during May (shedding season). It's an important part of the daily routine because it reduces shedding in cats over time and improves the health of your cat.

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Here’s our wrap up video where we announce the leaders of this year’s furball challenge!

The second annual furball challenge was extra epic this year because we also added a fun new challenge called ‘Make Something’. The 'Make Something' challenge invited the challengers to make something from all the fur they got out and let me tell you they did NOT disappoint!

 Here are the leaderboards!

Furball Challenge 2024 Leader Board
Furball Challenge 2024 Make Something Leader Board

Be sure to follow those beautiful cats on instagram to see all their furballs! Or follow us on instagram to see our reposts! Furball fame awaits!

Check our some of our favorite furry felines that sent in their photos from this years Furball Challenge.

Oli the chonk with his mini chonk
That's Oli the Chonk with his Mini Chonk! The winner of this year's Make Something Challenge!

Even the pooches participated a bit in this years Furball Challenge. Maybe next year Sophie we'll do one specially for the doggies!

The Siberians don't shed as much, but even Gus here can get the fur out to compete! Even if it's a little bit it's better out than in, that's what we always say. 😹

Look at that beautiful hat! It's almost a Mickey Mouse hat but with furballs! Brilliant!

Above there is Neeki The Torti, last years winner of the 2023 Furball Challenge.

Look at all the fur that gets out in just 30 days of brushing with the bailey brush. Hairballs are harmful so it's a good thing they are brushing with a brush that's proven to reduce shedding over time.

One of the fun things about this year’s furball challenge is the top 20 furballs all received the coveted collectors item in the mail. It's the Furball Challenge Medal! Isn’t it a beaut?

I wonder what it'll be next year?

Are you getting the fur out? Grab a bailey brush and reduce those harmful hairballs by brushing every day. And be sure to join the fun and compete next year in the furball challenge!

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