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What can you do with all that cat hair?


What can you do with cat hair?

You’ve got the fur out with your awesome cat shedding brush and now find yourself knee-deep in a sea of cat hair, perhaps contemplating the possibilities of turning this furry abundance into something epic. But before you start building a cat hair fortress, we’ve got a list of some amazing uses to give you ideas on what to do with cat hair.

Turn your cat hair into felt.

Ah, the joys of being a cat parent – endless cuddles, adorable purring, and a perpetual supply of cat hair on every surface imaginable. With a little bit of patience and a whole lot of fur you can turn your time into some crafty products by using a technique called felting.

To felt your cat hair all you need to do is start by placing the fur into a small container or shape, sometimes a metal cookie cutter shape can work great! Begin poking the hair inside the cookie cutter with a felting needle. A felting needle has small barbs in the end that, when stabbed through wool will catch on the scales of the fiber and push them together. The more and more you stab, the more fibers will matt together and slowly turn the wool into solid felt.

From cozy cat beds to stylish fur coasters, your cat's fur can become the star of your DIY projects. Many popular etsy shops are selling fun products made entirely out of their cat fur. And if you are feeling extra crafty, you might also be able to spin your cat fur into yarn and make the world’s ugliest and awesomest Christmas cat sweater.

Save the world

Channel your inner eco-warrior by repurposing cat hair into super absorbent mats. Not only can these mats save your floors from spills, but they also contribute to a more sustainable and pet-friendly world. In fact, organizations like Inhabitat and Matter Of Trust are out there saving the world by using cat fur mats to absorb oil spoils and clean up beaches around the world.

Turn cat’s fur into cat clothes for the less fur-tunate

Being a pet brush company, we don’t often talk about cats that don’t have fur, but recently a cat owner participating in our #FurballChallenge created these wonderful cat slippers and donated them to a hairless cat. It went viral and started a trend where other cat owners started making slippers and sweaters to donate to other hairless cats too! Isn’t that adorable? So why not try that? We encourage you to give that a try this year and don’t forget to send us your pics!

Cute fuzzy slippers on cats feet made from cats fur

This ones for the birds

You may remember this man from his videos on TikTok. He became a viral sensation with his zero-waste eco-friendly solution to what he does during shedding season with his cat hair.

Like him, you can hang it up for the birds or scatter cat hair in your garden to provide birds with cozy materials for their nest-building. It's a simple yet heartwarming way to contribute to nature and give back to your feathered friends. Perhaps a little way of saying “my apologies for chasing you earlier, we good?”

Gardening with Cat Hair

Did you know that cat hair is a natural fertilizer? Or should we say furtilizer? Both cat hair and dog fur are natural sources of nitrogen when they break down – which happens to be what plants really love! The hair will eventually compost back into the soil, just make sure to not treat the hair with harsh chemicals and consider using eco-friendly grooming products and a clean Bailey Brush (it's the best cat brush) whenever you get the fur out.

All you need to do is sprinkle a bit of fluff around your plants and they not only deter pests, they’ll keep your garden looking fur-tastic. It's a win-win for both your greenery and your furry friend's shedding habits.

Go for a Furry World Record

In 2023 The Bailey Cat Company began a once-a-year event that took the world by storm. The #FurballChallenge started on the first day of May and lasted the entire month. The #furballchallenge is a social event where pet owners brush their cats every day and save up the fur they get out for the entire month. To play by the rules every cat is recommended to only use their Bailey Brush Cat Brush.

A cat sitting next to a gigantic furball from the bailey brush furball challenge

To make things every crazier the Bailey Cat Company teamed up with meowbox and meowfest in it's first year to set the world record for the world’s largest cat furball. And let us tell you, it did not disappoint! Cat lovers from all over brought us their cat fur in droves. We had so much cat fur that it took over a YEAR to felt each fluffball into the ever growing ball of fur.

Be sure to follow BaileyCatCo to see the results and to participate in this years #furballchallenge!

Whatever you plan to do with that fur, don’t forget that saving your pet from harmful hairballs doesn’t just stop in May, every day is the perfect day to get the fur out! Now let that furball frenzy begin!


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