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The BIG List of the Top 15 Best Cat Breeds of All-Time


Best Cat Breeds

Want to know the most popular and best cat breeds of all-time? Here's a big list of the top 15 cat breeds and some helpful tips on which brush is best suited for your cat breed. Check it out!

1. Persian Cat

White Persian Kitten laying on a soft white rug

  • Interesting Fact: Persians are known for their long, luxurious coats and distinctive flat-faced appearance.
  • Fur Type: Long hair.
  • Brush with: Longer Toothed Brushes.

2. Siamese Cat

Beautiful Siamese Cat with Bright Blue Eyes

  • Interesting Fact: Siamese cats are highly vocal and enjoy communicating with their owners. They've been known to say a few words that sound like a language!
  • Fur Type: Short hair.
  • Brush with: Soft flexible brush that's gentle on skin

3. Maine Coon Cat

Big furry Maine Coon Cat with long pointed ears

  • Interesting Fact: Maine Coons are one of the largest domestic cat breeds and are known for their friendly and sociable nature. They can sometimes be twice as large as a regular house cat!
  • Fur Type: Long hair.
  • Brush with: Longer Toothed Brushes with strength, silicone will be safer than metal combed brush and brush daily to avoid matting.

4. Ragdoll Cat

A pretty white and grey faces ragdoll cat laying on a light grey sofa

  • Interesting Fact: Ragdolls are known for their relaxed temperament and tendency to go limp when picked up.
  • Fur Type: Semi-long hair.
  • Brush with: Longer Toothed Brush daily to prevent shedding on furniture.

5. Bengal Cat

Beautiful spotted bengal cat bathing in the sun with his head looking back

  • Interesting Fact: Bengal cats have distinctive spotted or marbled coats that resemble those of wild leopards.
  • Fur Type: Short hair.
  • Brush with: Flexible brush daily with static cling to attract the fine hairs. Avoid pulling gloves and metal combs.

6. Abyssinian Cat

Abyssinian Cat looking at the camera in a colorful garden of purple, orange and pink flowers.
  • Interesting Fact: Abyssinians are one of the oldest known cat breeds, dating back to ancient Egypt.
  • Fur Type: Short hair. Very thing.
  • Brush with: Flexible silicone brush. Avoid rubber. Avoid plastic. Avoid sharp or metal brushes. Fine haired brush is also suitable if gently brushed.

7. Sphynx Cat

Hairless Grey Sphynx laying on a white countertop
  • Interesting Fact: Sphynx cats are known for their lack of fur, large ears, and wrinkled skin. They actually have little hairs but you just can't see them, giving them the look of being completely hairless.
  • Fur Type: Hairless.
  • Brush with: Well, you obviously don't need to get the fur out on these cuties, but it still is beneficial to massage their skin with a brush like the Bailey Brush! Massaging will help stimulate their skin and provide many health benefits. Or perhaps your other furry cats could donate their fur?

8. Scottish Fold Cat

Scottish Fold Cat laying on a colourful blanket and looking into the camera with pretty yellow eyes

  • Interesting Fact: Scottish Folds are recognized by their unique folded ears, giving them an owl-like appearance.
  • Fur Type: Short to long hair.
  • Brush with: A brush that is soft and gentle with round tips! They tend to dislike being brushes so start by hiding the brush in your hand until they are used to seeing the brush.

9. British Shorthair Cat

Grey British Shorthaired cat laying on a couch resting it's head on a white pillow

  • Interesting Fact: The Cheshire Cat in Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" is often depicted as a British Shorthair, minus the purple Disney like stripes, of course!
  • Fur Type: Short hair.
  • Brush with: Brush with a brush that has static cling to attract all the small fine hairs.

10. Russian Blue Cat

Russian Blue Cat laying down with some open books and looking at the camera
  • Interesting Fact: Russian Blues are known for their striking blue-gray coat and emerald green eyes. They can't actually read but they do like laying on books. We think they get the information by osmosis. We are kidding, of course!
  • Fur Type: Short hair.
  • Brush with: Round tipped brushes. Avoid metal combs as their fur is very close together and any fine brush will pull hair and cause discomfort.

11. Burmese Cat

Burmese Cat laying on a light beige linen couch

  • Interesting Fact: Burmese cats are often described as "bricks wrapped in silk" due to their muscular build and silky coat.
  • Fur Type: Short hair.
  • Brush with: A firm bristled brush with round tips. Something with wider tips will help massage their muscular bodies and feel great on their skin. Their fur provides very little resistance to brushes.

12. Norwegian Forest Cat

Big beautiful norwegian forest cat sitting on a front stop with lots and lots of fur

  • Interesting Fact: Norwegian Forest Cats have a thick, water-resistant coat adapted to their native cold climate.
  • Fur Type: Long hair. Thick hair.
  • Brush with: It's crucial to brush a Norwegian Forest Cat daily, and sometimes twice a day. It's important to have a wide and long toothed comb with flexibility to be gentle on their skin and go deep down through the fur and avoid matting. Daily brushing will reduce furballs and also prevent matting. Keep their hair long and beautiful!

13. Turkish Angora Cat

Turkish Angora Cat that is white and fluffy and has one green eye and one blue eye

  • Interesting Fact: Turkish Angoras are playful, intelligent, and known for their semi-long, silky fur. They often have different colored eyes and pink noses.
  • Fur Type: Semi-long hair.
  • Brush with: Soft flexible brush daily. Angoras are more prone to furballs.

14. Cornish Rex Cat

Cornish Rex Cat laying down and looking upward in a profile view

  • Interesting Fact: Cornish Rex cats have distinctive curly coats and are known for their love of human interaction.
  • Fur Type: Short hair.
  • Brush with: Very flexible and soft brush. Their hair tends to be curly so help them groom with a gentle brushing each day. They love routine and love interactions so it's best to brush at the same time each day.

15. Egyptian Mau Cat

Two cute Egyptian Mau Kittens stopping playing and looking at the camera

  • Interesting Fact: Egyptian Maus are the only naturally spotted domestic cat breed.
  • Fur Type: Short hair.
  • Brush with: Avoid metal combs, avoid water or steam. Use a brush that is gentle and soft and rotate angles of the brush as you are brushing to avoid irritating their skin.

BONUS: Orange Tabby House Cat

Cute bright orange tabby cat

Believe it or not, the beautiful Orange Tabby Cat didn't make it in the top 15 of most popular cats, but we love them so we're putting them on this list!

  • Interesting Fact: Orange Tabby Cats have various coatings and are often known for being friendly and outgoing. They are affectionate and great for families. Garfield the cat was based on an Orange Tabby Cat. Tabby cats are most commonly male cats and are often thought to bring good luck and fortune!
  • Fur Type: Medium length
  • Brush with: Daily with a soft flexible brush. Perhaps you'd prefer the best rated brush of all-time?

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