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Should I brush my cat? – The top 5 benefits of brushing your cat every day


Brush your cat every day

Did you know that brushing every day with a Bailey Brush has 5 really important benefits? In this blog post we'll talk about the top 5 reasons why you should be brushing your cat every day.

Shedding Control

Regular brushing helps remove loose hair and reduces their shedding. This means less hair floating around your house, reduced hairballs and less fluffs on your furrrniture!

Skin Health

Brushing actually helps distribute oils on their skin and keeps a cats skin hydrated preventing dandruff and dryness. Healthier skin promotes healthy hair growth and a healthier cat is a happier cat!

Bonding time

You and your cat need time together. This time strengthens your bond and helps reduce your cats stress. A regular routine is helpful for your cat and causes less stress over the lifetime of your furry family member. Also, hearing your cats purrs will reduce your blood pressure too!

Early Detection of Health Issues

Regular brushing can help you notice changes in texture, colour, skin bumps or any lumps in their skin. You'll know every inch of what's going on with your cat everyday and become familiar with their fur texture and colours too. This matters because the sooner you catch potential issues, the better!

Improve circulation

Stimulating blood flow provides a healthy boost for your cat’s skin and fur. This is one of the benefits of exercising for humans, but for cats it's a little different. Having fur problems can be a nightmare to deal with and many issues can be prevented with better circulation.

Brushing your cat every day is super easy when you use the right brush! If you have a grumpy cat or a cat that doesn't have an affinity to being brushed, check out our trusty guide on how start brushing a cranky cat. Happy Brushing!


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