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Bailey Brush answers their customers' most interesting questions


Bailey Brush answers their customers' most interesting questions

We get lots of questions here at the Bailey Cat Company. Customers around the world ask us all sorts of questions. Some questions are entertaining and others are informative. Because we get so many we decided to create this post to share with you some of our favorite questions and some interesting answers about the bailey brush. *To respect our customers' privacy, some names have been changed.

Suzzy P From Madison County Asks: I like US made products, but I thought your brush was made in Canada but found out it’s made in China. I don’t like stuff made in China.

Thanks Suzzy! This is common isn’t it? For some reason products in China get a bad rap. Well as a consumer we know very well just how many things are made in China. If you think of high quality items like the iPhone, Gillette, Prada, Chanel, Ray Ban and Nike, they are just a few examples of high quality brands that are made in China.

General Motors is a US brand that has captured the hearts of many American citizens, but did you know their cars are assembled in the US but rely on Shanghai to manufacture its parts?

To be fair, there are also generic products that are mass produced in China as well which is perhaps why many consumers have a bad association with products that are made there. For the Bailey Brush, we are a Canadian Brand and designed the bailey brush here in Canada. After months of testing and perfecting our product safely with many different breeds of cats and dogs and many groomers and veterinarians, we went from the prototype stage to our hunt for the best manufacturer we could find.

We tested silicone molds in Canada, US, India and China. Being Canadian, we first tested silicone factories in Canada but they were unable to create the detail and curvature we wanted in our brush for it to be ergonomic. They also couldn’t achieve the minute details we wanted for our brush. The US was unable to give us the higher quality silicone that we were able to source in China and if we did make it in the US the material would be imported first and the price would be twice as much. And unfortunately India was unable to guarantee consistency in quality and meet the conditions that we demanded for our factory. In the end, we worked closely with our friends in a small factory in China that was able to check all our boxes. We are proud that together we are able to create a high-end, superior quality, long lasting and carefully crafted bailey brush cat brush.

Betty J from Newfoundland, Canada: What’s the factory like where you make the bailey brushes?

This is important to us. Our factory is female owned and is an equal opportunity employer. They also pay their employees well and take care of them as any good company would anywhere in the world. 🙂

Linda H from New York: My cat hates being brushed, now what? LOL

orange cat licking his paw he doesnt love the bailey brush cat brush right now

Oh no! Well not all cats are going to love being brushed at first. Some cats can be quite picky and hate their routine changing. The first thing we can say is don’t give up or judge your bailey brush too soon! Many cats that hate something new most often prefer the bailey brush once their owner is patient with them and gets them used to it.

Generally, we recommend to hide it in your hand and be gentle the first time, and keep the brush session short so they are comfortable and not over stimulated. Don’t forget to reward them with a treat so they have a good association with their brush.

If your cat has overly sensitive skin, you may want to try a few more tricks. We have a full post on tips and tricks on how to brush a sensitive cat.

If your cat still hates being brushed, well that sucks. Your cat might be one in a thousand that just doesn't like it. It's rare, but it happens. See how they feel tomorrow. :)

Meghan A from Ohio: I really love lavender, can you make me a lavender brush?

We love lavender too Meghan. Perhaps one day we will make the bailey brush in more beautiful designer colors, like lavendar, when we do, we’ll let you know.

Daniel W from Washington: Why aren’t your brushes scented?

We hadn’t thought of that. All we can say is, veterinarians recommend not having scents, fragrance, essence or oils near cats, so our brush is unscented because of that, and also because we never thought of that!

Rebecca F from Alberta: My cat loves to chew its bailey brush, is that okay?

siamese cat looking at you like youre up to something

No. It’s not okay. Don’t let your cat chew your bailey brush. If your cat loves to chew things, please keep your bailey brush out of reach. The bailey brush is strong and flexible but if it’s chewed on then it will eventually get destroyed, and worse, could be ingested by your cat. For your cat’s safety never leave it out to be chewed on! (don't worry, we wrote Rebecca back right away!)

Jamie P from Brooklyn: I thought silicone cat brushes were the same as rubber, am I nuts?

You’re not nuts, (we think), but you are incorrect. Silicone and Rubber are both elastomers but they are different. Many people consider them the same, we’ve found US products that claim they are silicone but are in fact are just rubber, so perhaps those things may contribute to this confusion. Technically speaking, silicone is a polymer containing silicon with carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Rubber is created using carbon-carbon bonds. Basically this means it gives silicone improved and more beneficial properties.

Rubber is more affected by heat, chemicals, fungi, light and ozone. Silicone is resistant to heat and often used for medical devices, food handlers and construction materials because of its improved properties.

Rubber when it starts out is made of latex harvested from the rubber tree. It’s not very environmentally friendly because it is produced from rubber trees found in tropical and subtropical regions of the world and contributes to deforestation, biodiversity loss, pollution and more.

Silicone is synthetically made and has low surface tension, this makes it waterproof and it will be unaffected by prolonged exposure to moisture. It’s also considered more environmentally friendly, especially when compared to plastics. This is because it’s durable and long lasting and does not break down into harmful microplastics. Unlike plastic, it does not require mining for crude oil and it’s made from sand which is a more abundant resource. This is why the bailey brush is proudly made from silicone vs rubber or plastic.

Melina from Texas: I like how this feels, can I use it on myself?

Uh, sure Melina. It’s okay to share things with your cat, but if we see you eating out of its bowl, that’s where we draw the line!

Got a burning question that you want answered? Ask us in the comments!


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