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Have you got the furballs to compete in the #furballchallenge?


Bailey Blog Image of Ginger Cat licking a Giant Furball

Does your cat participate in the furball challenge? Well if you’ve got the perfect meowdel or an endless fur-producing machine – this event might be purrfect for you!

What is the furball challenge?

The furball challenge officially started online in May of 2023 as a fun event by the bailey cat company to get all cats around the world brushing daily to get the fur out. It takes place during shedding season raising awareness to the importance of brushing your cat daily.

In it’s first year, the Bailey Cat Brush teamed up with meowfest and launched the furball challenge garnering THOUSANDS of cat lovers everywhere to brush daily and take the challenge. This ultimately ended up creating the world’s biggest furball that's still being assembled today. It's sure to become a gigantic furball over a year later because so much fur was received. The giant furball will be unveiled later this year so be sure to follow baileycatco on instagram!

Why do cat’s need to brush every day?

Raising awareness for cat brushing is important! There’s lots of misinformation and misconception around how to brush a cat, why to brush a cat and how often to brush a cat. Many cat owners use the wrong brush on their cats. Also, many cat owners fall victim to gimmick products, like using water on their cats which does more harm than good.

Cat with Giant Furball Hairball Challenge

If cat owners understood the basic health benefits of daily brushing all our pets would be better off. Just by daily brushing during shedding season and continuing to brush every day of the year you can improve the overall health of your cat and their fur coat.

Cat sitting next to giant cat furball or hairball that participated in the furball challenge

Reducing harmful hairballs are just one of the benefits of daily brushing, sticking with it as a regular routine of brushing and with the right brush will increase the bond with your pet, grow healthier coats that reduce shedding and improve the life of your pet and its health and even its behavior.

What can I do with all that cat hair?

Last year the furball challenge collected fur from thousands of cat lovers to create the world’s biggest furball. And when we say big, we mean BIG. It was huge. Weighing dozens of pounds and ending up bigger than a beach ball, the awesome ball of fur was donated by meowfest to organizations that use pet fur for eco-friendly causes one of them being an organization that creates oil absorbing mats for oil spills on beaches.

People assembling the giant cat hairball at meowfest in Toronto and VancouverA proud black and white cat sitting next to their cat brush and their furball

If you participate in the furball challenge this May please check out this post for some fun tips on what you can do with all that cat hair you collect that’s way more useful than just throwing it in the garbage.

How to participate in the furball challenge this year and every year.

Follow baileycatco on instagram and purchase a bailey brush. Start brushing your cat in May. Once you start, brush your cat every day for 30 straight days to get the fur out. Collect up the fur each day and share your progress online using the hashtag #furballchallenge and be sure to tag @baileycatco for a chance to get reposted and if you’re lucky you may also win the coveted FurBall Challenge Medal!

The coveted furball challenge medal

Be sure to use the Bailey Brush to get the fur out!

What’s the furball challenge medal?

The Furball Challenge Medal is an item produced in limited quantities each year to celebrate the competition. It comes in the form of a gold pin and is an official award made by the Bailey Cat Company and mailed to people that shared the best furballs of their cats. We like to think it's sort of like the YouTube play button trophies, but for cats.

So what are you waiting for? Join the furball challenge and be a part of this epic online event! 

Cat my dog participate in the furball challenge or is this for cats only?

There is a bailey brush specifically made for dogs called the Pawmelo Yellow Bailey Brush for dogs. Like our suitable name? You're welcome. It's available in pet stores across Canada and in some online shops! Your eager dog can participate in the furball challenge if they have a Bailey Brush!

Hey did you know the Bailey Blog has been listed in the top 100 cat blogs in the world? We are honored to be given such recognition. Check out our other posts on the bailey blog and join our new bailey cat forums to chat cat. Thank you for following us!


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