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Bailey Brush Gift Card

Bailey Brush Gift Card

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Must-have pet brush. Made to get the fur out fast, recommended by veterinarians and groomers.

  • For All Fur Lengths
  • Waterproof & Easy To Clean
  • Reduces Shedding

Want to give the gift of a Bailey Brush? Get a gift card so your recipient can choose their favorite colours!

Note: All gift cards purchased from this website must be used on this website and cannot be used in stores or on other shops that retail the Bailey Brush. Any unused amounts cannot be redeemed as cash.

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The brush that every cat needs


Does the Bailey cat brush prioritize safety and skin friendliness?

You bet! It’s high-quality solid silicone material means there’ll be no scratching to give you and your furry feline the best cat grooming brush experience ever. Its comfortable round tips are durable, and glide along their bodies making it incredibly skin friendly – it’s just one reason why it’s loved by thousands of cat lovers the world over and comes highly recommended. In fact it’s the most skin friendly cat brush ever made, for you and your cat. And best of all, its ergonomic design puts all its features in one simple compact cat brush form with comfort for you and your cats as a top priority.

How effective is Bailey cat brush in removing loose fur?

If your cat has heavy shedding or is a breed known for having tough undercoats, the bailey cat brush is soft and flexible, safe and resilient, and works exceptionally well at going deep down to massage and remove all that extra fur. The bristles are perfectly spaced to be very effective at capturing all that loose fur. It’s a cat brush that is made for long and short hair because each bristle has a unique shape that makes it a hard cat brush at the base and a soft cat brush at the tips. Together this one feature makes it perfect for gentle brushing and very effective with aggressive brushing sessions too.

Is it advisable to use a human hair brush on cats?

A human brush isn’t designed for cat hair so you’ll not be grooming your cat properly in the long run. We may think that all hair is the same but it isn’t. Cat hair is lighter and softer in texture. It has many properties that make it very unique which is why it requires a specially designed cat grooming brush for it's properties. When you have an easy-to-use cat brush it is specifically made to really get the fur out safely. After daily use with a good quality brush the results will be healthier fur, no hairballs, less mats or no mats at all and easier hair collecting for everyday use.

Is Bailey cat brush washable?

If your grooming session or washing session with your pup or cat was an especially dirty one you’re in luck! The Bailey brush cat brush is designed to be sanitized and completely washable. Its soft rubber pins love the water and the entire brush is completely waterproof. This means it’s dishwasher safe and can be popped in the washing machine or sink or even a bathtub. After washing it and cleaning it, it’ll still be that same premium cat brush made for comfort. As far as any cat grooming brush goes, it’s a must-have for all furry pets in your entire pet loving home.

Can excess fur be removed from ultra short-haired cats with the Bailey cat brush?

The Bailey cat brush is made for short hair and long hair cats, and yes that even means the ultra short-haired breeds. The shape of the bristles and their unique spacing are designed to capture loose fur and excess fur in all hair lengths. Groomers use the Bailey Brush for fur removal on all breeds as it’s durable and strong and is an essential fur removing tool. It’s a unique grooming cat brush for its versatility – every cat and pet can benefit from having a Bailey Brush as part of its everyday grooming routine.

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