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A complete guidelines on how to stop cat hair from sticking to clothes


A complete guidelines on how to stop cat hair from sticking to clothes

If you’re finding that cat hair is the fashion accessory that you never asked for then you’re in the right place. No matter what the reason, if you’re finding little pieces of Mittens and Mayhem on your fancy sweaters and dark shirts you’re going to need to know how to stop cat hair from sticking to your clothes.

Say Goodbye to Sticky Situations: Strategies to Keep Cat Hair Off Your Clothes

Strategies to Keep Cat Hair Off Your Clothes

In this ultimate guide on how to deal with that not-so-chic cat hair we’ll give you some useful tips to try that work great at preventing cat hair from clinging to all your clothes. It’s kind of like similar posts on how to remove a clingy ex but less sad and requires more lint rollers.

Embrace Your Inner Groomer

Let's start with the basics, shall we? Regular grooming sessions for your furball not only keep them looking fabulous but also minimize the amount of loose hair floating around your home.

As we always say, if you groom your cat every day it provides an excellent bonding experience, a chance for you and Fluffy to bond over your mutual disdain for hairballs and shedding, and best of all, when you’re done you can leave Fluffy and every piece of him right where you left him. For daily brushing, we always recommend a soft cat brush, see what we did there?

Lint Rollers: Your New Best Friend

If you haven’t heard of or own a lint roller by now then welcome to earth, nice to meet you. Think of a lint roller as your trusty sidekick in the battle against cat hair.

It’s a good idea to keep one stashed in your bag, your car, or even your desk drawer at work (and put your name on it because people seem to gravitate towards these things). Just one quick roll over your clothes with a good quality roller and voila, the fur is gone.

The Damp Cloth Dance

The Damp Cloth Dance

For those pesky stray hairs that just won't budge, you know the ones, they seem to have somehow been sewn into your clothing threads as if hundreds of little cat paws with little cat fingers went to work to embed them in there.

Simply enlist the help of a damp cloth or sponge. With a natural sponge they have a little grip – it's like magic! Why? The moisture helps to attract and trap the hair, leaving your clothes looking fresh and fur-free. And those natural porous material provides just the right amount of edge to grab hairs without harming your garments.

Just remember to wring out any excess water first, unless you're going for the "I just got caught in a rainstorm" look. So 90’s.

Anti-Static Sprays: Zap It Like a Pro

Face it, you might just be a fur magnet. Some people are just positively attractive, think of it as a compliment maybe?

Static electricity is the mortal enemy of every well-dressed cat owner. Combat this clingy culprit with an anti-static spray.

Yes they do exist! A quick spritz before getting dressed, and you'll be strutting your stuff without a hair in sight. Bonus points if you can find one with a scent that complements your cat's purr-fume.

Dryer Sheets: Your Secret Weapon

Ah, the humble dryer sheet, a hero in the laundry room and a lifesaver for your wardrobe. Toss one in with your clothes as you dry them, and watch as it works its magic to banish static cling and loosen any stubborn cat hair.

Plus, your clothes will come out smelling as fresh as a field of catnip. Maybe even better. The best thing about dryer sheets is they remove the static cling, so they actually can work anywhere in your home, not just on your clothes.

So if you find that cat hair is sticking to your couch or bed comforters, blankets, carpets, face, whatever, just rub dryer sheets on everything to repel the hair.

Fabric Softener: Soften Up, Cat Hair

Turn up your laundry game right meow with the power of fabric softener. Not only does it leave your clothes feeling oh-so-soft, but it also helps reduce static electricity and makes cat hair removal a breeze.

Just remember, a little goes a long way, unless you're aiming for the "I bathe in fabric softener" vibe. You’re becoming a softy, aren’t you? Read on!

Pet-Safe Furniture Covers: Stylish AND Practical

If your cat has a penchant for turning your furniture into their personal fur-coated kingdom, consider investing in some pet-safe furniture covers.

Not only do they protect your upholstery from cat hair, but they also add a touch of style to your home decor, and they do make some really fancy ones out there. It's a win-win. They also are easy to remove and just throw in the wash with a hair catcher and presto, you’re good to go.

Although, don’t expect that hair to disappear in the washer on its own – we’ll save that for another post.

Last cat hair thoughts

Banishing cat hair from your wardrobe is a tricky thing, but it’s helpful to practice these tricks to stop cat hair from sticking to your clothes – unless cat fur bits become a fashion trend. We’re looking at you Taylor.

Any day now. But I digress, even if you try all the above and still can’t get every piece of hair off, it’s forgivable. Nothing shows people how awesome you are than by showing them you’re an animal lover with a little pet fur on your clothes.


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