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Become a Bailey Brush Affiliate!


Become an affiliate.​

Here's your chance to tell the world about the Bailey Brush and get paid with every sale you make.

Get the fur out – and cash in. Use your internet fame to tell your followers about our amazing product and be rewarded for it with our new Affiliate and Influencer program.

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Why it pays to be an affiliate:​

We've teamed up with BIXGROW to help you get paid for referring sales through your blogs or social media accounts! Woo hoo!

Just sign up through our store and you'll be all set. It's just another way we're thanking our fans for helping us grow by sharing their videos and posts online.

Top reasons we think you'll love being an affiliate:​

High Commission rates
Best Cookies! Fresh for 90 days!
Get a FREE Bailey Brush* if you have 10K followers
Get a FREE set of Bailey Brushes when you have over 100K followers
Get a FREE set of Bailey Brushes with 200K followers PLUS FREE brushes to hold your own contests and giveaways
Join our cult following of cat lovers
Our beautiful colours look amazing on YouTube, Instagram & TikTok
We have a GIPHY page with BaileyCatCo gifs and stickers to add more fun to all your posts
Our brush is officially patented in the United States and Canada
Participate in our fun promotions for content creation - like setting the record for the world's largest cat furballs, for example
The Bailey Brush is rated 5 out of 5 stars online

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*Please contact us