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The top 5 reasons why you shouldn’t spray water on your cat when you brush them


The top 5 reasons why you shouldn’t spray water on your cat when you brush them

Did you know that cat's fur shouldn't really get wet? Like not even a little bit? In this post we'll talk about the top 5 reasons why you shouldn't get your cat wet, especially when you're brushing them.

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Number 1. Hating water is in a cat's genes.

They hate it. And if you get them wet every day they’re going to hate you even more than they do right now. Totally kidding, but what we are serious about is the numbers. Studies show that over 90% of cats are pre dispositioned to hate water even as a kitten. And apparently, word on the street is the 10% of cats that actually like the water might in fact be dogs.

It's most likely that cats hate water naturally because of their inability to be limber and move quickly. It affects their mobility and safety and inhibits their ability to dart and dash in a life or death situation.

Number 2. Cat fur takes forever to dry.

cat getting wet in a bath

Cat fur is soft, super soft. And because it’s so soft it doesn’t dry as quickly as human hair. Cat hair is so fine that there are sometimes up to ten strands of hair per individual follicle and these fine fur strands take forever to dry as they’re REALLY good at holding water.

There’s a strange thing that happens when a cat sits around with wet fur, they actually start to get very very cold. If you’ve wondered the reason why your cat always finds the sunny spot in the house, it’s because they like to be warm. They actually need to be warm and dry for their health. And wet fur makes them very very cold. In fact, if they can’t get dry quickly, they’re at a high risk of getting hypothermia.

Number 3. Brushes that hold water will eventually grow mold.

wet cat soaking wet fur

It’s inevitable. Dirty water sitting in a plastic brush will get mold unless you sanitize it, clean it properly, and dry it after each time you use it. If you’ve ever left a water bottle with water in it for a day or two and smell it, it stinks, and that’s mold. It grows quickly even if you can’t see it. So a brush is like that, but worse. Because mold can stick in one of those water brushes you may inadvertently be spraying moldy water onto your cat. Mold is literally one of the worst things you can spray onto your cat. Their tiny little bodies are incredibly susceptible to getting sick from mold spores. Veterinarians and groomers don’t recommend misting brushes for good reason, mold risks are one of them.

Number 4. Wet fur increases chances of matting fur.

So if you’re misting your cat with water while brushing to remove fur you’re actually increasing the likelihood of them getting mats. Most people don’t realize this but cat fur usually only mats when it’s either dirty or wet. So if you’re adding moisture and water to your cat every day you’ll be increasing their chance of matting, and potentially creating other issues as well.

Added moisture on a cat's skin can also give them skin conditions and make them more prone to fungal or bacterial infections. This is why it’s not even recommended to give your furry cat a bath unless they are actually dirty. With a misting brush or cat brush with water, In the long term, you’ll be brushing your cat towards unhealthier skin that will produce weaker, thinner fur that’s more prone to tangles and shedding.

Number 5. Cats think they’re being punished.

Spraying water is so uncomfortable for a cat they’ll actually think they’re getting in trouble. After a while they may develop behavioral issues around brush time. Typically it’s not recommended to ever spray a cat with water, simply because it’s a form of punishment that creates really bad behavior. They start to associate your hands with bad feelings and discomfort.

It’s good to remember that cats are naturally clean animals, they like to groom so they don’t need a shower every day like we do. If you are brushing your cat, save the water for your plants, brush them dry!

Remember that cats love attention (even if they don’t always act like they do). They love to be brushed daily with a comfortable brush that massages the skin and helps distribute oils. Daily brushing is incredibly important for the health and well-being of your cat. Just make sure you avoid the water!

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